‘The Folded Clock’ by Heidi Julavits

The Folded Clock is a wonderfully written exploration of time, loyalty, art, family, adventurous travel, and malaise. Each recorded day begins with the words “Today I”—which made me want to keep tabs on my own daily happenings, even those that seem unexciting. There can be a richness found in mundane, everyday happenings. Because sometimes small […]

‘End Zone’ by Don DeLillo

Infinite variables at play interact with slightly enough displacement to alter trajectories, plans, ordered assumption. So then, football. War. The human search for meaning. Regardless of planned action, injurious results are to be expected. Nonetheless, it leaves witnesses aghast. Spit intended to hit the ground instead of pants; a triply-converged-tackle killing a footballer; a set […]

‘Silence Once Begun’ by Jesse Ball

Silence Once Begun introduces us to Oda Sotatsu, whose signed confession and resolute silence with regard to the mysterious ‘Narito Disappearances’ around Japan calls into question the methodology of those asking certain questions. It’s a great modernization of Kafka’s ‘The Trial,’ at least the best one that I’ve read so far. It tackles the topic […]

Revolutionary Letters by Diane di Prima

‘Revolutionary Letters’ by Diane di Prima

Diane di Prima’s late-60s/early-70s revolutionary fervor with her vision of continuance is shown in these Rilke’s-to-a-Young-poet-like Letters. Instead of a blurbed diary of Look What I Did, it is written to those who want to be prepared for the clarion call of the imminent day’s struggle. It reads nearly as well today as it would […]